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SMCC in Nairobi

Scripture Mission is the name of the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) in East Africa. It is mainly used for the part of NLM's work which is not integrated in the national lutheran churches. NLM's motto is The world for Christ.

Radio ministry
Radio transmissions over FEBA radio on the Seychelles started in 1981. The programmes are made by Kenyans in the studio at Voi. Many listeners, amongst them also muslims, tell about meeting Jesus through these programmes.

Literature ministry
The literature center in Arusha, Tanzania, deals with production and distribution of christian literature, correspondence courses and different kinds of educational material.

Administration and boarding school
The regional office for NLM's ministry in East Africa is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. At the compound you will find the Norwegian Community School as well, a guest house and Scripture Mission Conference Centre.

A part of the local church
Scripture Mission supports the other work of NLM in the area. Most of NLM's mission work is integrated in the evangelical lutheran churches in Kenya and Tanzania (ELCK/ELCT). NLM started its ministry in Mbulu (Dongobesh) in 1951 and in Mara in 1972. In 1977 NLM initiated a cooperation with the lutheran church in Kenya as well.

NLM gives financial support to the churches. The dioceses have the responsibility for the ministry, and will be in charge of priorities and goals. NLM's missionaries have assignments connected to evangelisation, education and health ministry. Thus, the missionaries are a part of the churces' ministry and will be counted together with national workers.

I Tanzania, NLM has missionaries connected to the evangelical work amongst the datooga tribe in Mbulu. There are missionaries in the coastal areas in Kenya as well. At the Bible school at Kiabakari in Mara there are missionaries as well. At Waama bible school in Mbulu and at the Kapenguria Bible Center there are no longer NLM-missionaries, but NLM still gives financial support. NLM's engagement in health ministry is done through Haydom hospital in Mbulu and Bunda district hospital in Mara.

At our compounds in Arusha, Nairobi and Voi you will find welcoming guesthouses for your service.
Our guesthouse in Arusha

We can offer cheap accommodation in quiet, beautiful and safe surroundings. 
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Joakim Ami
Station Manager
Mobile: +255 784 590 870

Langata Road, P.O. Box 24569, 00502 Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

Kristoffer Krohn Sævre
Regional director
Phone: +254 727 847 004

Nicholas Ondari
General manager
Phone: +254 722 544 972

Philip Njoroge
Scripture Mission Conference Centre (SMCC)
Phone: +254 728 961 984

P.O.Box 100, Voi

Hezron Mwasi
Station Manager
Phone: +254 721 460 694